Crazy monsters!

This week we have been thinking about adjectives and using these to describe our imaginary monsters. We have also used ‘because’ and ‘so’ to add extra information. Which of these two monsters would you like as a friend?

By Orla
By Eliza

Letter to Guy Fawkes

This week, Guy Fawkes sent us a message asking if we would like to join him and his men in their plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament to be rid of King James 1. In our learning together session, our mums and dads helped us write a reply, explaining whether or not we would be joining him!

Letter to Plop

This week Year 1 have been using question marks and exclamation marks to write a letter to Plop from our STAR book; The Owl who was afraid of the dark. The children thought of different questions to ask as well as how to make Plop feel better about the dark.

Lost and Found

This week Year 1 have been creating been reading ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. This made us all think carefully about the life of penguins.We shared our knowledge and found out we really do know a lot about penguins, which we used to create our own fact files. Read on to discover what we found out.

By Lucy
By Mia